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Sustainable Dutch Design

Sustainable Dutch Design by Goeters

Goeters is a unique curated platform for
furniture & accessories.

Curious [kyoo r-ee-uh s] eager to learn or know; inquisitive 

Welcome international guests

Goeters is a unique curated platform for furniture & accessories. We aim to give prominence to the stories of the materials and its makers in sustainable Dutch design. We create a platform for the handmade products of independent Dutch craftsmen and -women.

Contemporary Dutch Design

On this website we show the products, tell the passionate stories of the makers and the materials of the high quality designs they make in their own workshop, studio or forgery. Although  most of our business is – still – local, we do realize that contemporary sustainable design – especially originated from the Netherlands – can have its fame al over the world. An ambition our craftsmen & -women certainly want to substantiate.

Please do browse our site, follow us on Instagram #Goetersnl  and watch our Youtube  channel, Facebook or Pinterest because a picture shows more than a thousand words. Follow our latest stories; products and craftsmen on Instagram at #goeters. Send us your interest or question and we will serve and inform you personally by email.

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